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Expert Pool Management

We Manage Your Whole Coaching, Training And Consulting Pool

With our Expert Pool Management, you digitalize your entire expertise management while accessing a pool of 500+ hand-picked coaches, trainers and consultants.

This Is How We Can Work Together

Element 2
1. Assessing the current state

We determine the status quo in your company and discuss your goals and the technical background.

With empathy and market knowledge, we shed light on your in-company situation, your current pool of experts, and develop a common vision for the project.

Element 3
2. Project development

We get to know your existing coaches, trainers and consultants and, at your request, review your current contracts for potential savings. Then integrate your experts into the digital pool. Where needed we will supplement your pool of experts and propose a professional and cultural fit for your in-company clients from our network of over 500 experts.

Element 4
3. Pool management

The group of people agreed with you is given access to the exclusive pool of experts. You can contact and request suitable candidates via the web portal. If you prefer, our professional project management can do this matching. During training sessions we guide you through the clarification of the assignment and communication with the experts.

Element 5
4. Monitoring

You receive regular reports or call them up in the dashboard, and have a fixed contact person to talk to. This allows you to conserve your resources and concentrate on the really important issues.

Element 1
5. Procurement optimization

On request, we check the contracts of your expert portfolio for potential savings and (if desired) renegotiate excessive conditions to your advantage.

Your Dashboard

Coordinate all your experts via the dashboard
On the interactive dashboard you can filter all relevant topics according to department, category, time period.
Implementing further training and change projects
You can invite individual coaches, trainers or consultants, or organize whole teams for your program.
Effective budget control
You have full transparency over the budget used and free, and so can plan and manage in a targeted manner.

Portal For The Different Departments

Select experts directly via the portal
A staff group authorized by you has access to the individual expert pools in your company.
Place a request easily and quickly
Your in-company clients can get to know and contact suitable experts directly via the portal. If requested, our customer service department can manage the ordering and matching.
View your own budget transparently
Your departments will always keep an overview of their activities and budgets. In the event of an order, they will receive a booking confirmation. In such management we take into account your internal release processes.

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Our Expert Pool Management


Mit uns

Currently companies coordinate many individual providers manually, which can take up enormous resources.

With us you digitalize your entire expert management, while filling any gaps from our network of expertise

Currently HR departments receive numerous individual requests from the departments.

With us, the departments have a portal through which they can select experts on their own responsibility and commission them within the bounds of their budgets.

Currently companies receive many individual invoices taking a lot of time to process.

With us, you have full transparency of the budget situation via our dashboard and receive a collective invoice.

Currently companies have a separate contract with each expert and these contracts are not always in line with the market.

With us you have an umbrella contract. We review the individual contracts and leverage potential in the case of contracts that are not in line with the market.

Currently the expert pool is limited. Extending it to include innovative topics would be time-consuming.

With us, you continue to have your established pool along with access to a network of +500 coaches and trainers.

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