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  • We develop an individual HR digitization strategy with you!
  • We support you in the selection and implementation of suitable HR tools, independent of the provider.
  • We support you in your HR projects and challenges.

Start now with our guide for the selection of HR tools. And let us advise you personally.


The 6 phases of our HR digitization strategy

Convincing the decision makers

Let’s be honest: Digitalization costs money. Doing nothing however costs a lot more! There are convincing reasons for you to take on our support. We can for example together make a ROI calculation. Your top management is measured by KPIs – you can deliver! If needed we can also guide you in the preparation of your project presentation with targeted HR pitch training.

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S20 hr digitalisierung hr prozesse en

Map out and optimize processes

With a clear strategy it is important to first map out all core HR processes. Often processes in current operation must first be optimized before they can be digitalized. All stakeholders and their needs need to be taken into consideration. Modern HR processes are optimized and designed for those who use HR services: i.e. managers, employees and applicants..

Planning digitalization and resources

In this phase we check to see what basis we can build on. We define together which skills are already available and which need to be put in place. We also illuminate what intersections and synergies there are with other specialist areas. We determine which resources, e.g. licenses or tools, need to be procured. Then it’s a matter of setting up a realistic schedule and defining responsibilities.

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S20 hr digitalisierung anforderungsanalyse en

Requirements definition

On a solid project planning foundation, the target processes and subsequently the IT requirements can be specified. In the process we take into account your existing IT infrastructure and translate the business requirements into IT requirements.

Digitalization of processes which are document/data intensive.

In HR departments of medium-sized companies, there are usually 200 – 300 different document types in use. Although the processing of these documents takes a lot of time, the activity generates little value. That’s why we support you in holistic document automation, so that all documents and cover letters as well as mails belonging to a business transaction can be created and sent at the push of a button by using specialized software.

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Implementing digitalization

When integrating new tools, we accompany the system tests and develop a training plan so that your internal clients quickly become enthusiastic users.


1. Selecting suitable software solutions

During an analysis workshop, we work with you to determine the exact requirements and support you in selecting, pitching, and the decision on the right HR systems for you. We take into consideration your number of employees as well as your internal IT landscape. Our HR Tech Landscape (see picture) depicts only a small selection of possible providers.

A select few possible software providers:

Logo mondayrocks
Applicant management and onboarding software
Logo dvinci
Automation of all certificates, employment contracts, terminations or references as well as related documents, cover letters and emails
Logo everskill
Software to optimize collaboration and productivity in teams
Logo escriba
Software solution for sustained human resources development incl. digital coaching via an app
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2. Implementation of software applications

In this phase, we offer support on request in the implementation of prioritized processes in IT. We devise realistic test scenarios and carry out functional tests and ultimately integration tests. The focus is on ensuring a robust implementation so that in-company users have the best possible user experience.

3. Communication and user training

To achieve the planned results, your in-company users need to be informed via all possible channels. Together we draw up a communication strategy tailored to your company that leverages the added value of your departments. Subsequently we work with you to design concepts for the optimal usage of the applications. This can involve training or also online help.

4. Review – Staying in dialogue

In our experience the new software applications are used in diverse ways. Now it’s a matter of finding out why an application is used more intensively in one area than another. Are there unanswered questions or were any specific specialist needs not taken into consideration? We have a joint discussion to clarify any reservations or ambiguities. When analyzing these, we always incorporate a review phase and optimize possible implementation steps in an agile process (see graphic).

Our promise

We will find the right solution for you, whatever area you want to digitalize: recruiting, document management, or human resources development. At the same time, we ensure that your colleagues are empowered to use the new tools so that an unburdening effect actually occurs.


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